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About Bakoor Company

Bakoor Company for Construction and General Trading is a recognized industry leader in construction management, design-build, industrial services, pre-construction, and general contracting by hundreds of clients throughout Iraq. Bakoor was established in 2003, and is one of the premier construction companies with over 200 projects accomplished.

Bakoor Company is the main retail sellers of Ductile Iron Pipe in Iraq and owns a cup water factory called Bakoor Water. Bakoor company’s experts focus on a vision that includes Relationships, Dreams, Innovation, Solutions, Sustainability and Serving the Communities.

Bakoor Company has its eye on the future. Our mission is to deliver the best quality service to our customers, expand our projects and activities, and enhance them to suit the needs and requirements for everyone.

Bakoor Company Experience

Bakoor Company has finished few big projects in the city of Erbil; some of the 200 projects are: The Development of highway (30 M) between 94/30 Badawa to Sharwane ($ 2 208 000), Kasnazan street project ($ 3 761 000), pipe build and highway in section 108 ($ 4, 421 875), and a soccer field in the town of Soran ($ 1 804 000).

The ongoing projects include; the 10 level hotel in Ankawa, Bakoor hospital (6 Level building with the modern equipment technology), a total of 2000 m2 (3 level) Supermarket, and a 1050 m2 castle in Dream City community in Erbil.

Bakoor Company has established a drinking water facility, which is a fully automated system with the European standards; and with a capacity of 12000 cups in one hour. We are planning to establish another water bottle (500mL), an Ayran, and a Juice factory.

Bakoor Company is the main reseller of the Ductile Iron Pipes in Iraq; we are selling around $5-6 million annually worth of Ductile Iron Pipes. Bakoor Company provides the standard by the Iraqi Government. Recently we are providing ISO-2531-2010 which is the new standards of the Ministry of Construction.
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