General Trading

Ductile Iron Pipes

Bakoor Company is the main reseller of the Ductile Iron Pipes in Iraq; we are selling around $5-6 million worth of Ductile Iron Pipes annually national wide.

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All Ductile Iron Pipe for underground installation is supplied with joint bells. These joints are designed to be bottle-tight and easily assembled. They have been tested to 1,000 psi internal pressure, 430 psi external pressure and to 14 psi negative air pressure with no leakage or infiltration. Ductile Iron Pipe can be cut to fit without loss of joint tightness and tapped safely and securely for residential services without the use of tapping saddles.

The pipes fall under the standards of the Iraqi Government (ISO-14001-2004). Recently we are providing ISO-2531-2010, which is the new standards of the Ministry of Construction of Iraq.

Natural Spring Water

Bakoor has a quality natural water. The water is processed and purified with the best European equipment available.
Erbil, which is in the north of Iraq, is known for its beautiful mountains and for its water quality and taste. Using the European standards, the water is filled in a fully automated system with a capacity of 200 ml cup and producing 12000 cups in one hour,
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Aggregate Crushing Plant

We have Crushed Stones or (Angular Rocks) for all your construction needs. We have all the desired sizes and from different rocks.

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